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Yachting in style: Custom interior yacht design ideas

Yachting in style: Custom interior yacht design ideas

Treat your yacht as you would your regular home by keeping regular maintenance and by selecting only the finest amenities and upgrades that will make every cruise on it as comfortable and as memorable as possible. Everything starts with its design.

Purpose combined with aesthetics in yacht design

Before getting too excited with the bells and whistles you’d like to place in your watercraft, evaluate your needs and your yacht’s purpose first. An interior designer’s advice at this point will better bring these essentials into focus.

Your yacht’s purpose

Are you the practical sailor who craves the solitude of sailing or are you the charming host who loves the company of family and friends on every cruise? Be sure to consider the types of events and gatherings that will take place on your yacht to best know how to furnish and customize the space.

What your yacht is made of

Materials used for your yacht should also be able to withstand the various challenges brought upon it by the environment from the humidity to constant dampness. Consider these materials when deciding on your yacht’s future interior design.

Setting up utilities and amenities

A good designer or contractor will be able to show you the entire spectrum of amenities that you can have installed in your yacht, from the basics like sewage, water supply, and electricity to special features like a jacuzzi or home theater.

Interior design ideas for your yacht

Furniture design trends in 2022 are all for curved lines, textured surfaces, matte and metal finishes, sustainable and smart furniture, and minimalist details with a geometric twist. These trends can also liven up your yacht’s overall look and boost resale value. Consider the following design ideas:

The finest fabrics

These days, you’ll find sturdy weaves that should withstand a variety of environmental conditions and are fashionable and stylish, as well. Check out highly reputable fashion brands with niche products like Missoni and their home yacht collection and explore the various items in a splendid array of fabrics, designs, and colors to match your taste and yacht requirements.

A complementary color palette

The common trend these days involves incorporating a pop of color to classic neutrals to make things more interesting. Your interior designer can help you choose the perfect color palette as you proceed with the process of customizing your yacht.

Furniture that’s just right

Always keep in mind that your yacht’s space is basically the equivalent of a tiny land-based home. That said, custom furniture would be the perfect recommendation for small spaces that still require a lot of legroom.

Mood lighting for any occasion

Setting up lighting in any space makes a world of difference, especially in a yacht that will find itself drifting on open water at night. Consider lighting not just for function but for also setting the mood. Smart lighting technologies that marry function, aesthetics, and mood should provide what you need. Ask your interior designer or contractor what will work best.

Working with an interior yacht designer

The secret to a well-designed space is to complement your personal taste with contemporary aesthetics. This is exactly what The Parallēle Group — a full-service interior design firm based in Palm Beach and Boca Raton — can do to enhance your yacht’s interiors. Call them for a consultation at 561.446.3033 or send a message via their website to learn more.

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