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Style matters: 5 Home decor ideas to raise home value


When it comes to increasing home value, going all-out on renovations is not always the most effective approach. A major overhaul such as a costly kitchen remodel rarely results in a high return on investment.

On the other hand, piecemeal improvements over a long period often net homeowners a sizable sum come selling time, especially when properly planned from start to finish. Consider starting with these small and simple home projects.

  1. Make rooms look and feel larger

    Potential buyers are more inclined to pay more when they see large and well-lit spaces. Even though the square footage of a living room or kitchen is technically small on paper, you can alter how people perceive size when they step inside.

    The key is to remove unnecessary furniture, use mirrors strategically, and let in as much light as possible. Here’s how:

    • As you declutter a space, see if the furniture you decide to keep fits the scale of the room. If a couch or coffee table is a tad too large, it can make a space look and feel cramped.

    • Avoid using heavy and opaque drapes that block out sunlight. Illuminating a space helps to make it appear larger. If you’re thinking of what to place on some bare walls, try using mirrors to let natural light bounce off them and spread throughout the room.

  2. Improve the flow of traffic

    It’s not just about making a room look and feel larger. Improving functionality is just as important. This is especially true in areas like the kitchen where unobstructed movement is essential.

    Observe how people move around the home and make changes accordingly. For instance, if you notice that the living room is getting too much cross-traffic in several places, you may need to reposition some furniture to funnel people into “semi hallways” along the outer edges.

  3. Make good use of luxury colors

    Purple, royal blue, and deep red are some of the colors that are closely associated with the concept of luxury. When these palettes are used in combination with neutral shades, they can make any room look more sophisticated. If you decide to repaint a room with these colors in mind, make sure to use home furnishings that complement the look of the space.

  4. Add premium touches sparingly

    Many homeowners add texture to a room by adding premium touches in the form of shiny metal finishes, natural rocks like marble and onyx, as well as artworks. However, it’s easy to overdo it. When in doubt, remember a primary rule of thumb: less is more. Just a few of these luxury accents and decorative art can significantly transform a room and dazzle guests.

  5. Seriously consider working with a professional

    Rather than spending for an extensive bathroom or kitchen revamp, your money may be put to better use by hiring a professional organizer or interior designer.

    If you’re pressed for time and don’t know where to start, working with a professional is likely the best approach. For design aficionados, getting an expert’s perspective is a great way to get inspiration and avoid getting stuck on old concepts.

Whether you’re in Boca Raton or elsewhere in Florida, professional interior designers from The Parallēle Group are ready to assist you with your home design needs. Call them at 561.446.3033 or send an email to info(at)theparallelegroup(dotted)com.

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