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An expert’s guide to planning a kitchen

An expert's guide to planning a kitchen

From being that part of the home where meals are prepared, the kitchen has been transformed into an integral section of many homes employing the open floor plan. It is also an epicenter for socializing over food and drink, as well as a workspace in homes where family members are working remotely or participating in online classes.

In line with the kitchen’s new and improved concept, the team of expert designers at The Parallēle Group prepared a guide to help you in updating this heart of the home. But before you embark on your new project…

Keep these in mind when planning your kitchen

Whether you’re a fan of cooking or not, a smart redesign of your kitchen can make it a more inviting space to be. So, how do you make your kitchen update a smart one?

Decide on the best kitchen layout

Study the available space in your current kitchen. If the present layout makes you bump into things while moving about here, then some rearranging could help. Work with an expert designer to determine the best kind of layout.

Find the style that works for you

It’s important to work in a space that inspires you, whether it’s your home office or your kitchen space. Browse through current trends, Pinterest, or Instagram to see the aesthetic that matches your style. Also, take note of furnishings worth acquiring.

Keep your appliances and storage in mind

Space allocation and style matter when redesigning your kitchen but don’t forget the appliances that actually define the space. When initially, function was the only factor for selecting your kitchen appliances, now you can match function with aesthetics. Keep everything under an overall theme and color palette, from the appliances to the storage spaces to the decor and drapes on your kitchen windows.

Know the materials and finishes for your needs

In remodeling your kitchen space, find out about the materials that will work best in this environment. Consider water- and heat-resistant finishes for your countertops and pantry. Consult an experienced interior designer to select the most appropriate materials for your kitchen redesign.

Modern kitchen designs for 2022

Creative cabinetry

More homeowners are integrating colorful cabinets into their kitchen, making things more interesting this year than the mostly white aesthetic of previous years. Certain shades of gray and beige – or a mix of both – are found to be great matches for gold and silver finishes on lighting and hardware.

Countertop cabinets are also becoming a popular option either for storing countertop clutter and appliances or for displaying your tableware collection.

Unique pieces

This can range from custom-made furnishings to one-of-a-kind treasures you found while vintage shopping. Consider placing a unique find from your antique-hunting adventures or using reclaimed materials for infusing into your home. The latter can range from metalwork that you can use for the cabinets, the tableware you can mix and match while entertaining guests, or the breakfast nook for your early mornings.

Patterns and textures

Integrate an interesting backsplash, add an accent wall, and complement the kitchen aesthetic with a creative floor pattern for more character. If you’re renting your place, you can apply temporary decor such as wallpapers or peel-and-stick floor tiles. A paint job can also do the trick.

Work with the experts

Your kitchen is in good hands when you have the design savvy of top-tier interior designers from The Parallēle Group working to your advantage. Call them at 561.446.3033 or leave a message on their website to start.

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